What to do in Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Rachel Shulman

Stockholm, Sweden is the perfect quintessential European city to visit in any season. Stockholm actually consists of thousands of islands (it’s an archipelago) with a few main ones, but so much to see. In the summer, you can find mild weather and so much to do around the archipelago in the water. In the winter, you can imagine a European winter wonderland with plenty to do while staying warm. Check out the best things to do when visiting Stockholm Sweden below and for more tips on visiting Stockholm head to the full Stockholm travel guide here.

Photo: Rachel Shulman

1. Explore the metro stations

The metro stations in the main area of Stockholm are all art installations! It’s super cool and very different compared to any other city metro station. You must go to different stations and look at the art. T-Centralen is one of the main ones.

2. Boat tour around the archipelago

This is a must-do! You can find the boat tours along the water on the main islands. It’s an informational tour that goes through the islands and shows the history of Stockholm pointing out the different areas. This is the PERFECT activity for both summer and winter (we did it in the winter and it was so picturesque with snow on the islands).

Photo: Rachel Shulman

3. Get lost in the Old Town of Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the main and most important island of Stockholm, and also the most touristy. Gamla Stan includes their Royal Palace and main square and truly the cutest, quaintest alleys and streets ever. You have to spend time just getting lost in the winding streets. While in Gamla Stan, do not also miss Stotorget (the main picturesque square with colored buildings), the Royal Palace, Swedish Parliament, Alley of Marten Trotzig (the smallest street in the whole country!), and shopping on Vasterlanggaten Street.

4. Visit the Sodermalm area

Photo: Rachel Shulman

Sodermalm is the younger/trendier area in Stockholm and one of the coolest neighborhoods in Europe! In Sodermalm, make sure to go to the Fotografiska Museum (one of my all-time favorite museums ever), watch the sunset at Monteliusvagen, and walk around SoFo (which has a ton of restaurants and bars).

5. Visit Museum Island (Djugarden)

If you are a museum person, you must not miss Djugarden. This is where you can find all the main museums of Stockholm including the Vasa Museum (a must), Skansen Museum, ABBA Museum, and Grona Lund (a big amusement park only open in the summer).

Photo: Rachel Shulman

6. Have a Fika break!

Swedes are known for their famous Fika break – a coffee break in the middle of the day! They do this EVERY day. Take part in their favorite pastime and visit any café. If you go in the winter, you must try their famous winter pastry – Semla!

7. Outside of Stockholm

If you have more time during your travels and want to go out of the city for a bit, there is a ton to do on the outskirts of Stockholm such as going to Millesgarden and Drottningholm Palace.

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