Seeing the sights of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Photo: Rachel Shulman

Bosnia & Herzegovina is not a country that comes to mind first when thinking about Europe or places to visit. However, it should be. I had the opportunity to spend a day in this beautiful country when visiting Croatia and it’s one of the most popular, yet under-discovered, day tours to take from Split, Croatia. The border is less than 1.5 hours from Split and Mostar (the main city to see) is just less than two hours which makes it a must-do when visiting Split.

I was beyond surprised by the beauty of this country and how much I loved touring the different areas of it and how much nature and beauty this largely untouched country has. I highly suggest adding Bosnia & Herzegovina to your bucket list and see these must-dos when visiting. You could spend one day visiting all of these spots without it feeling too cramped and it’s the perfect day tour.

Kravice Waterfalls

Photo: Rachel Shulman

One of the cooler waterfalls I have seen in my lifetime. Kravice Waterfalls are a natural phenomenon and are massive – it’s not just one but a whole area of waterfalls coming into a natural pool where you can swim and relax on the little beach here for the day.

You could literally stay here all day if you wanted to soak in the sun and nature. There is a little café here too.


Photo: Rachel Shulman
Photo: Rachel Shulman

This was our first stop on our day trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina and was the best start to the day. Pocitelj is a tiny old hillside town that was beyond quiet, it was amazing.


Here you walk around and marvel at the views, see the Haji Ali Mosque and the famous Sahat Clock Tower. We were able to have coffee with a local here (one of the only people there) and it was amazing, we really got to get a feel for the country and Bosnians.

Vrelo Bune

Photo: Rachel Shulman

This was the biggest surprise of the trip and one of my favorite areas in Bosnia to see. Verlo Bune are natural springs and are stunning. They are in a remote area in Bosnia & Herzegovina and there were very few people around, which was amazing.

Photo: Rachel Shulman

It’s a TINY little town (I mean three little craft booths and two or three little restaurants and church) right on the springs which are formed under a MASSIVE cliff – it’s awesome. You can get in a tiny, tiny rowboat and a local will take you under the cliff into the springs through a rope. He holds the rope to get back and forth from inside to outside, that’s how they move around! It felt so real and not for tourism at all.

You can drink out of the water too! We took our water bottles and filled them up right in the springs while on the boat.


Photo: Rachel Shulman

Mostar is by FAR the main event and most well-known spot in Bosnia & Herzegovina. You know it by the famous bridge, which was rebuilt after being demolished during the war in

Photo: Rachel Shulman

the 90s. The Old Bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. Mostar is known as “the window to the Orient” and truly was amazing. Walking through Mostar is like being in a fairytale.

You can stroll through the streets and get lost and see the culture, between uneven streets with craft shops lining the roads with modern buildings on the other side, you can see how this country comes together. The color of the water is absolutely beautiful here as well. Make sure to get a traditional Bosnian lunch at one of the (many) local spots lining the main alleys leading up to the bridge.

This area is known as Old Bazaar, definitely bargain and get some souvenirs as well – they are known for scarfs, carpets and copper in Bosnia. Lastly, make sure to climb to the top of the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque to get amazing views!

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