Eating Sydney: Vegan/vegetarian/kosher dining

Traveling provides many opportunities. Being fortunate enough to travel to new places (both near and far!) allows for an exploration of a new place, culture, the opportunity to meet new people and most importantly try different types of food! 

One of the best ways to explore a new place is to try different types of food. As a current study abroad student in Sydney, Australia and a kosher/vegan/vegetarian diner as well as a self-proclaimed foodie, I am quite pleased with the wide range of options that cater to my dietary restrictions.

Sydney is a hub for all things health and wellness. Everyone is an early riser, up at 7 a.m. catching waves on Bondi Beach, or sitting outside cafes sipping on green juice. Despite this, locals do love a hearty brunch.

I’ve been in Sydney for roughly a month now, and my palette has certainly been expanded. 

Read below to hear some of my picks for the freshest, cleanest and obviously most delicious spots for vegan/vegetarian and kosher diners alike.

Photo: Lexi Sugar


If you’re feeling a bit “homesick” and missing the days of eating falafel on Gordon Beach or in the heart of Jerusalem, Sabbaba is your best bet. With several locations across Sydney, this “homestyle Middle Eastern food” definitely hits the spot.

My pick: If you’re opting for something light yet filling, I would order either the bowl or plate with falafel. 🙂


Photo: Lexi Sugar

Let me set the scene for you: it’s a gorgeous summer day, you’ve spent several hours sitting on the beach and you are searching for a cute, casual and cozy dinner spot. Look no further than Fishbowl, a DIY poke spot with a cleverly designed menu. Though you can make your own; Fishbowl features an extensive menu, boasting several vegan options.

Fishbowl is the perfect dinner to pick-up for a little pick-me-up. If you are dining in, I suggest heading to the location on Campbell Parade- it is nestled in the heart of the area and even has a cool, warm pink neon sign! So you can get a great meal and a cute Instagram… Genius.

My pick: Tofu Boys… for a vegan delight. 🙂

Photo: Lexi Sugar


Sydney is known for its vibrant Jewish community. With that, comes a handful of kosher restaurants. Pita Mix has a cozy vibe and offers delicious Israeli cuisine.

Pita Mix is located in Rose Bay, just a short walk/car ride away from the bustling Bondi Beach. Pita Mix is a fully kosher establishment, however, in true Sydney fashion, it offers several vegan options as well.

My pick: Get the charred broccolini. You will not regret it. And the zaatar chicken.


Photo: Katzy’s

Katzy’s mimics your hometown deli, except it is located across the world. Katzy’s offers dine-in options along with several take out menu items. Katzy’s is perfect to order in for Shabbat, holidays or even on a regular weekday. They have staple items like grilled chicken and chicken soup.

My pick: Grilled chicken!! Tasty, fresh and delicious. Also, their Matzah ball soup.

Traveling allows you to see new sites and experience new things, but food is a necessity and GOOD food is far more essential:)

***If you are currently in Sydney, please support these local businesses via online delivery services!!

Lexi Sugar is an undergraduate student studying journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a big fan of the beach and loves spending time with friends and family.