A local’s guide to the best food in New Orleans, that’s not seafood

“Where should I go for seafood when I visit New Orleans?” That’s everyone’s favorite question to ask me when planning a trip. True story: I lived in New Orleans for 4 years and never tried crawfish. Or oysters. Or alligator. Or gumbo. Or jambalaya. Also true story: I believe New Orleans has the best food in the country. I’ve tried and tested the best…  just taken a different approach than most.

The New Orleans food scene might be seafood-centric, but there is so much more to it. My recommendations below will give you the best ways to experience the eclectic NOLA cuisine.


Photo by Satsuma Cafe Facebook
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Photo by Atchafalaya Food via Instagram
Avocado Toast by Willa Jean via Instagram
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A delicious spread at Shaya Restaurant
Photo by Randy Schmidt Jr.
Domenica Cauliflower with Feta Dip

This is always my first stop. My favorite time to visit is during their daily happy hour, from 4-6pm, when drinks, pizza and appetizers are half off. Do not miss the cauliflower with feta dip and kale chips.

8GW Fins

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A seafood grill for someone who doesn’t eat any shellfish? Hear me out. Come to this well-known new spot and split all of the small dishes. None of you will be disappointed or even remember you’re missing shellfish. Get the whole roasted white fish, Brussel sprouts, meatballs, tuna, and chicken skewers.

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