Travel advisory: 6 things I never leave home without

As a frequent traveler, I’ve learned that there are some things I just won’t leave home without. Whether it’s a weekend escape, 4-day beach trip or 2-week adventure, I always have my staples. These necessities have helped me stay organized and saved me from mishaps and more. You can check out more of my favorite travel tips on my blog.

1Packing Cubes

I swear by packing cubes and somehow I never have enough. Packing cubes keep everything organized and make it so much easier to live out of a suitcase, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or one week. I use packing cubes in both my carry-on and checked bags and they save me so much time — I always know where everything is.

2Travel Pillow + Blanket

I hate flying — even though I do so much — and my travel pillow and blanket always make it easier. Planes are always freezing and I’m always cold as it is, so having the travel blanket is essential. The pillow I have been using most recently is the Huzi Infinity pillow because it acts as a massive scarf and is helpful when I want to try to sleep while leaning my head on the seat tray.

3TSA Luggage Locks

I always bring luggage locks with me even when I am not checking a bag. I try to sleep or close my eyes on planes and have learned not to trust anyone, so I like having my bag locked if it’s under my seat or in the overhead compartment. Locks are also beneficial for hotels when there are a) no safes in the room and b) you have to leave your bags at check-in if you get there before you can go to your room.

43 pairs of headphones

This one is kind of crazy but I swear by having three headphones when traveling. I am always listening to music and hate silence so I always need to have it accessible. My first pair is my Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones which are noise canceling so I solely use these on planes and long transportation. My Apple AirPods are super convenient and small and fit in even the tiniest of bags are perfect for tour transfers or walking around. My last pair is very low-quality airplane headphones that I keep in my travel bag just in case any of my headphones break. Also, most planes make you connect headphones to watch their movies so I need a pair with a cord to connect.

5DIY First Aid Kit

You truly never know what can go wrong while you are traveling so be prepared. I made this DIY first aid kit years ago and it has generally stayed the same. This makes it easy to just switch this kit from bag to bag depending on where I am going and I never have to think about it. My kit consists of Advil, Pepto, tissues, pens, band-aids, sleeping medicine, nail clippers, Hydrocortisone, Purell and hair-ties.

Compact cameras, tripods and more

Depending on where I’m going and what purpose, I always have multiple photography accessories with me. If I’m going on a camping trip, I bring my GoPro & floating stick to get the amazing water/rugged shots. When I go on a bigger trip, I bring both my GoPro, my big Canon Mirrorless camera and my Joby Tripod. The tripod latches on to anything and everything and the Canon takes the best quality photos. All of the accessories are so compact they’re easy to travel with. Between these two cameras and my iPhoneX, I seem to always have the perfect lens on hand and never miss out on a capturing a memory.

6Lo&Sons Carry-On Bag

I am obsessed with my Lo&Sons bag I purchased last year. It is the most amazing bag to pack. Whether it is as a carry-on bag for a week trip or my only bag for a weekend, the Lo&Sons bag has so much space and so many compartments. It makes it super easy for me to store all my cameras, computer, tech, clothes and more.

Rachel Shulman is a seasoned travel blogger specializing in planning in-depth guides for destinations around the world. She has lived in 4 major cities in her 27 years of life (New York, New Orleans, Prague and Tel Aviv) and has traveled to 30+ countries with no intention of stopping soon. She owns From East To West, a travel blog outlining her travels and writing detailed, efficient guides and itineraries for cities and countries as well as reviewing locations, accommodations, restaurants and tips and tricks for traveling.