Wedding season: Fashion tips for bridesmaids 

Summer is here and that means wedding season is in full swing! For anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid, you know there’s a lot that goes into looking absolutely picture-perfect. 

Being a bridesmaid can be so fun and rewarding, but it’s not always easy.  Whether it’s your sibling, roommate, best friend, or that girl who thinks you’re closer than you actually are, the biggest question is always, “What am I going to wear?” 

Being a bridesmaid doesn’t lighten that pressure – if anything, it makes the stress of looking great that much worse. Finding the perfect bridesmaid look can be difficult, but preparing for the big day shouldn’t cause you stress. With these tips, the process should be as easy as hearing “soon by you!”

Listen to the bride

When the bride says she wants a specific color, listen to her. Don’t be that person that gets a light blue dress when everyone else is wearing navy. You know everyone will be talking about you — and not in a good way — so just avoid that altogether and listen to what the bride tells you.  

Start preparing early

Time can be your friend. Getting a dress far enough in advance gives you time to make alterations so that it looks perfect by the time the big day comes around. Plus you’ll be less stressed weeks before the wedding knowing that you’re ahead of the game.

Be aware of the weather

Knowing the temperature outside may help you decide if you want a dress with sleeves that are long vs. short.

Don’t spend a lot on a dress

Odds are you won’t wear it again, even if you tell yourself you will. Also keep in mind that as a bridesmaid you’re going to have to cover many other expenses, such as the bridal shower or bachelorette party. Save money wherever you can.

If your bride gives you fabric, copy from an already existing dress rather than creating something new

Making a dress from scratch sounds like a great idea, but many people say that it ends up being more work than they expected. If you have a specific dress with pictures in mind, a dressmaker should be able to make it in no time!

Look up hairstyles on Instagram

There are so many hairstylists out there, so do some research on Instagram! Finding a new, upcoming hairstylist on social media will also cost you less than getting a professional stylist – and your hair will come out just as gorgeous!

Get your makeup done at the mall

Again, saves you money and much less stress.

Wear comfortable shoes  

We know weddings are all about the dancing, so either bring a change of shoes or wear something to help your feet survive. Don’t let your shoes stop you from having a great time.

Have extra supplies

Bobby pins, safety pins, hairspray, etc. – it’s always better to be prepared. You never know what can happen or who will need a last-minute touch-up.

Take pictures!

It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. You’ll want to remember this look forever and show it off. After all, you earned it!

Rina Jacobs is a recent graduate of Yeshiva University with a degree in Media Studies. She is currently working as a fashion closet freelancer for the Hearst Women’s Fashion Group. During her free time, Rina enjoys exploring the city and spending time with friends.