Hot capsule basics: 6 everyday summer style essentials

Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, it appears as if every blogger, model, and Jane Doe is frolicking on the beaches of Capri or making friends with the white walls of Greece. In reality, the majority of us are working at our desks, chasing kids around trying to keep them entertained, and road tripping to the nearest local pool.

That being said, the “vacation-ready pieces” that the retail world is relentlessly endorsing are probably starting to feel a bit tedious, so I wanted to provide a little relief via summer-style inspiration that’s perfect for when it’s hot outside and you’re not on vacation.

1The White Dress

Next, to the smell of sunscreen, there’s nothing that screams summer like a flowy and relaxed white dress. Besides watermelon dribbling down your chin (or maybe that’s just me).

2The Straw Bag

Not just for the beach anymore, straw totes and bags are EVERYWHERE. From fashionista’s at the Hamptons to housewives at Whole Foods, these bags are everyone’s new must-have accessory. Pair one with a dress, bathing suit, or denim!

3The Summer Suit

Whether we like it or not, it’s summer and swimsuits are a must. Swimsuit designers have stepped up their game in a major way over the past few years and suits are on another level of cuteness. So stop being a wallflower and try one of these fun options!

4The Mule

The most popular silhouette of 2017 and now 2018, the mule (like a straw tote) looks good with everything from skirts to denim to bikinis. Added bonus: no need to worry about pedicures as mules cover the front of your feet!

5Denim Shorts

From the booty short to the boyfriend ripped option, denim shorts have become a staple for summer. Paired with a black camisole for a night or a white tank for the day, this must summer must have is a cult classic amongst all generations.

6The Jumpsuit

A lot of people don’t agree with me on this one, but I’m convinced a romper/jumpsuit look amazing on 90% of women. Short, tall, big-boned, slim, and everything in the middle, jumpsuits can be tailored to perfection and are THE easiest piece of clothing to wear in the summertime. Throw one on, grab some mules, a straw bag and you’re dressed in under 3 minutes. Full disclosure: using the restroom can be the only challenge so drink accordingly!

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