Jewish Fashion Icon of the Month: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg working out

The collars! The frankly astonishing workout routines! The merch! Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become a full-fledged pop culture icon, and this winter the Notorious RBG is more relevant than ever.

1The Hollywood biopic

If this summer’s documentary, RBG, and the new biography by Jane Sherron De Hart left you craving more, fear not: there is yet another Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie that just premiered on December 25th. On the Basis of Sex gives everyone’s favorite Supreme Court justice the full Hollywood treatment with a story based on Ginsburg’s early career.

British actress Felicity Jones leads a starry cast, but it was Ginsburg who stole the show at the movie’s premieres — still recovering from fracturing her ribs in November she charmed the audience in New York, and gamely posed for selfies with Justin Theroux and Armie Hammer in Washington.

2The look

It’s not easy to make those black robes look good… but RBG has done fabulous work with her array of statement collars, which have spawned a whole branch of study in their own right. Town and Country recently published a guide to the meaning behind each of Ginsburg’s neckpieces — from the “dissenting” collar to the yellow jabot she wears when she’s issuing majority opinions. Meanwhile, her iconic fan necklace can be yours for $198: it’s been identified as the Stella & Dot Pegasus necklace, which has graced the necks of various Kardashians too.

3The merch

A recent Etsy search for RBG merchandise brings up nearly 4,000 results, with everything from pillar prayer candles to mugs, hoodies, and tees emblazoned with her famous dissent collar. If you’re inspired by Ginsburg’s legendary fitness routine, you can not only buy the book, but also work out in a pair of RBG leggings from Phenomenal Woman. Or, for a more upscale take on Ginsburg fangirling, you can pay tribute to the justice while swathing yourself in cashmere. Lingua Franca’s latest cashmere sweater, in collaboration with the movie On the Basis of Sex, features the slogan “all rise” embroidered in hot pink. As seen on Gloria Steinem (obviously) at the NYC premiere, it can be yours for a cool $380. 

5Like this:

Susannah Cohen is a fashion journalist, e-commerce editor (specialist subjects: lingerie and diamonds) and Jewish mom. Recently relocated from London to the West Coast, she’s feeling a lot more spiritual these days.