Kitschy Jewish jewelry you need ASAP

hand with lot of boho style jewerly

When Chanukah came around, were you the first person in your friend group to buy the “It’s Lit!” interactive sweatshirt? Will you refuse to leave the house until you can find the necklace you bought at the shuk in Jerusalem? If so, you’ll want to add this kitschy Jewish jewelry to your shopping cart. With it, you can show off your Jewish pride, give a small business some love, and prompt your friends to ask, “Where did you get that?!”

Bagel and lox necklace and earrings

Bagel and lox is a staple Jewish food. And we’re not talking about that cinnamon raisin with lox nonsense, either (we’re looking at you, Cynthia Nixon). We order ours plain (or everything if we’re feeling a little adventurous), with capers, tomatoes, schmear, and red onions only. Advertise your favorite breakfast or brunch treat with this bagel and lox necklace or these bagel and lox and coffee earrings on Etsy. Use these accessories as a fun conversation piece. For instance, you can ask: Who has the best bagels in New York City? Do you dare mess with low-fat cream cheese? And when can we go to Russ & Daughters already?

Challah earrings 

Everyone loves a nice, warm, fluffy challah out of the oven for Shabbat or the Jewish holidays. Snag these very realistic braided challah earrings on Etsy to celebrate what is often the best part of the Shabbat meal. These are handmade in Canada by miniature food Etsy artist PureJoyMiniatures, who makes other super cute Jewish items like this miniature bar mitzvah tallit set, a mini Pesach seder plate, and tiny hamentashen. D’awwww.

Large star of David necklace

Remember when Ilana sought out her Holocaust-surviving relative on “Broad City” and had the Jewiest day ever? When you saw the episode, did you wonder where she got that amazing Star of David necklace? Channel your inner Jewish rapper and get this blinged-out Star of David necklace for yourself. If you don’t want to fully commit to getting something this bold, you can get the Jew Chainz sweater and just wear it during Chanukah, instead. We recommend you put on some Kosha Dillz to really get into the spirit.

Jewish food bracelet

Okay, we need this handcrafted Jewish food bracelet, like, yesterday. This bracelet combines all of our treasured Jewish delicacies all in one cute design. Check out the matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, hamentashen, bagel and lox, kiddush wine, matzo, sufganiyah, and more! We’re getting hungry just looking at it. The best part? You’ll not only be proclaiming your love for your culture’s foods, you’ll also be supporting Haifa-based Etsy artist Dleesnow. Make sure you check out the rest of their adorable kitschy products on their store and snag some more kitschy Jewish jewelry today.

Kylie Ora Lobell is Jewess in Chief at Jewess, a Jewish women’s website, as well as a freelance writer for Aish, Chabad, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and The Forward.