Influencer-approved: 4 fashion brands to know

It’s time to update your wardrobe, but this time with our tribe fashionistas’ collections! We gathered the top four influencers that created their own fashion brand with a variety of clothing from swim to workout wear, and so much more!

1We Wore What

Danielle Bernstein AKA WeWoreWhat is such an icon on Instagram, a young Jewish girl from Long Island proving she’s everything but a JAP. Building her brand from scratch, Danielle created an empire at just 27. Don’t believe me? Ask Forbes Magazine who added her to their 30 under 30 list. Bernstein has a swimwear line with Onia, and her own overalls and jeans brand (SSO). She boasts a unique fashion style incorporated with the latest and greatest trends. Check out her clothing line on Instagram: WeWoreWhatShop

2Dé Rococo

Chances are you haven’t heard of Dé Rococo By Romy Spector yet, and that’s what we are here for! Romy, though young, is the Israeli queen of pop-up shops and was just recently presented with the influencer award of 2019 (in Israel). She has created a clothing line of mostly nudes and a splash of color every now and then. Her business partner is none other than her mother (can you tell they’re Jewish?! lol). Recently, she launched her first-ever bathing suit line. Dé Rococo ships worldwide so head to their website to get started on your shopping spree.

3Something Navy

The perfect example of having it all is Arielle Charnas. She is the mother of two beautiful girls, married to a businessman and a successful businesswoman herself.

Arielle launched her fashion line “Something Navy” in 2017 in partnership with Nordstrom and has been growing ever since. I’m sure you’ve heard of her company and if you haven’t, I’m happy to introduce! Smart, sophisticated and fun is how I would describe SN. From dresses to shoes and accessories, you can purchase a full outfit and at a reasonable price. And a bonus for the mothers in the crowd, she has a kids’ line as well. Check out Something Navy at Nordstrom.

4Morgan Stewart Sports

Morgan started as a lifestyle blogger who you probably know from the TV show “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” As bratty and spoiled as she seemed on the show, it looks like Morgan got older and wiser. Today, she is hosting a show on E! News and owns her own Athleisure clothing company. What started as a small collection is now a well-known brand. Many celebrities have even been wearing her clothes like the Kardashians, Olivia Culpo, and more. etc. See her collection online and fill your virtual shopping bag!

American-Israeli in her 20’s • Lover of fashion, food and art • Honorably discharged from the IDF and currently in the Reserves.