7 Fall staples for your wardrobe

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Fashion trends can be really unpredictable. For example, who would have ever seen tie-dye making a comeback this summer? Knowing what’s in and what’s out is the key to being fashion-forward.

Everything influences the way we dress, and the past decades play a big role in today’s fashion choices. Lucky for us, a lot of trends these days are recycled from the 80s and 90s and even early 2000s. You don’t need to give up half of your paycheck just to look cool this season. chances are you have most of what you need hiding away in your closet.

Here are a few fall staples to keep your friends and coworkers impressed. These tips are sure to get you an Instagram-worthy pic!

1. Denim jacket

It’s a trend as old as time. Everyone has some type of denim jacket stashed away in their closet, and autumn is the perfect time to pull it out. Whether it’s cropped, distressed, or patterned — if it’s denim, it goes.

2. Fur lining Moto Jacket

The motorcycle jacket, better known as the moto jacket, is leather and has a lot of zippers. Those that have a fur lining add an extra element that allows you to stay warm and stylish- all with one jacket!

3. Topknot headband

This is a relatively new trend that’s super easy to get on board with. It adds the perfect touch to any outfit and can dress up a casual look.

4. Socks and ankle booties

There were socks and sandals, and now there are socks and booties. Wearing cute socks with ankle booties is the best way to feel super comfortable while also looking super cute! Stay cozy all season.

5. Cheetah print

Let it be on your shoes, your shirt, or even your accessories — cheetah print is a great way to add something extra and make you go from bland to chic.

6. Mules

These shoes are comfy, cute, and super stylish — what more could you ask for! It can make any casual outfit look more put together and classy. Wear these to an interview, meeting, or even out to dinner with friends.

7. Swing dress

This may never go out of style! You wore it all season last year, and get ready to wear it again. This simple outfit can be dressed up or down and worn for pretty much any occasion. Wear it with a belt, jacket, scarf, or just by itself. This dress can do no wrong.

Rina Jacobs is a recent graduate of Yeshiva University with a degree in Media Studies. She is currently working as a fashion closet freelancer for the Hearst Women’s Fashion Group. During her free time, Rina enjoys exploring the city and spending time with friends.