7 Hanukkah presents we need in 2020

    Jewish holiday Hanukkah Beautiful Chanukah decorations in blue and silver with gifts and dreidels and a Chanukiah with nine Chanukah candles for the

    Hanukkah is here, and you know what that means! It’s time for Hanukkah presents! Gift-giving can be a struggle so here are seven perfect Hanukkah present ideas that your friends and family will be sure to love.

    woman in loungewear1. Loungewear

    You’ll want to stay home all day with these loungewear sets! The coziest yet fashionable comfies that you and your family will definitely enjoy. Whether it’s a family movie night, a pajamas-all-day kind of day, or heck-it and wear them out, loungewear sets are perfect for when you want to stay comfortable wherever you are. Asos has some really cute and soft sets for reasonable prices, as well as Nordstrom if you’re willing to spend a little more.

    2. Standing desk

    Especially now during stay-at-home orders and quarantine, many people have been working from home more and more. If working from home includes bending over a desk or table for hours at a time, you’ll want to check out this product! Many different companies including Uplift Desk and Fully offer customizable desks that adjust to the perfect height and make it super easy to get rid of that awful neck strain that comes with a sitting desk.

    3. Ahava

    Ahava is an Israeli cosmetics company that specializes in mineral and mud products made from the Dead Sea! Their stuff is perfect if you want to buy locally made Israeli products that are natural and give you the feeling of laying under the sun at the Dead Sea. Products include face masks, creams, and many other body and skincare items.

    wine pouring4. Wine tour

    Treat your wine-loving friend or family member with a wine tasting tour! It’s the perfect experience-over-material kind of gift, and isn’t something they’ll expect! If in Israel, there’s a place called Israel Wine Journey that captures the views of the wineries and fields with the ambient taste of fresh wine. On the US east coast, there are a few places in New York including Garnet and NY Wine Tours that offer yummy tastings. If on the west coast, Wine Country Travel offers private tours and tasting. But a quick search for your area will also bring you to the right place that’s easy and local for you.

    5. Heated/Weighted Blanket

    One thing that could make sleeping more relaxing and easier is a weighted blanket! They are proven to reduce stress and add extra comfort. Gravity Blanket is perfect for your teen that has a hard time sleeping, or just to add comfort to a friend or family member’s sleep. You can even choose their favorite color and style to match each bedroom. A similar product is a heated blanket! Perfect for that person you know who gets super cold at night and loves to cozy up. Sunbeam offers heated blankets adjustable in temperature and super easy to use!

    slippers6. The Coziest Slippers

    Who doesn’t want to be warmer and cozier this holiday season? Slippers are a great go-to Hanukkah present, and are sure to be loved and warm all day long! LL Bean has the most amazing furry (faux, of course) moccasins and slippers in all sorts of colors and designs. They are perfect for men and women alike, and you can’t go wrong this winter season!

    7. Blue light blocking glasses

    This gift is perfect for someone who is on a screen for a good portion of the day or works on their phone or laptop. These new and innovative glasses block harmful UV and blue light from getting to your eyes, helping with headaches and focus! Warby Parker and BarnerBrand both offer affordable options for your new Hanukkah lenses.

    No matter how you spend the holiday, figuring out what Hanukkah presents to buy the special people in your life can be a challenge! But regardless of what you end up getting them, the most important thing is that you’re thinking of your loved ones and showing them your appreciation with these quintessential gift ideas,

    Ava Rosen is a creative writer, athlete, and recent high school graduate from New Paltz, NY. She’s currently studying with Aardvark Israel in Jerusalem, and has already loved finding the very best foods, views, and rich history that this city has to offer. Travel is very important to Ava, and she hopes to continue to find new and exciting places to visit in the coming years. She has hopes to study somewhere in Boston next year and aspires to become an author or business owner.