Workouts to shed pandemic weight gain

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    COVID-19 has taken a toll on us all, and especially with gyms closing, mask requirements, and low motivation, it’s been so hard to keep to a workout schedule. These five ideas can help you reverse those baking days and boredom-snacking!

    Chloe Ting / YouTube


    For millennials, this might be an obvious one, but following a workout video can be so helpful to burn calories! It’s like having a personal coach to motivate you and keep you going throughout the entire workout. I watched Chloe Ting on YouTube during quarantine, and it’s such a good workout because you often push yourself with the help of doing it ‘with’ someone else. On top of all that, you can choose the kind of workout you want (ex. Cardio, Legs, Abs, Full Body, etc). Some other really good workout YouTubers to follow include Jeannette Jenkins (Popsugar), and Pamela Reif.



    One of my friends came up with this idea when we were getting tired of the workout videos and watching a seemingly perfect girl tell us to raise our legs higher. It’s a way to do your own, completely customizable workout at home. At first, when I did my own workouts, I would do a few seconds of Russian twists and then sit on my phone for a while, then repeat. But if you use the 45/15 method, you’ll know you’re still getting a good workout in. Set up some good music and place your phone where you can see it. Then start a timer on your phone, and do 45 seconds of an exercise, then 15 seconds rest, and repeat. You can switch each time to a different exercise you like and works for you, while at the same time push yourself to get to that 45. You can also switch to 40/20 or 50/10 depending on your level. I do this almost every day, and it still kicks my butt every time!

    Jump Rope

    jump rope

    This might take you back to elementary school, but jump roping is actually a really good cardiovascular exercise that can get you sweating fast! And it’s cheap, small (easy to carry and travel with), and convenient even if you only have a few feet of room to workout. I bought one a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. You can also use it as part of another workout to keep your heart pumping in between exercises. Try out different speeds and leg work and you’ll be on the way to losing that pandemic weight gain. Fun fact, jump roping can be a better ab workout than crunches!



    These might be obvious ones, but sometimes you just need to get out of your house and get moving! Go to your local rail trail or hiking trails and get started. It’s been difficult with many areas closed off, but even a run around the neighborhood is amazing cardio and will burn a ton of calories. I like to get in the mood with some pump-up music and get running! You can pick a spot up ahead and use it as a marker to push yourself to get to.


    woman doing yoga

    Yoga is amazing if you’re looking for more of a stretch-out, morning wakeup, or less intense movement. Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s great for flexibility and strength, and to start and/or end the day balanced. There’s a ton of YouTubers that have yoga channels with a complete variety of flows and poses for different levels. Some include Yoga with Adriene, MadFit, and Yoga with Kassandra. This is also great if you don’t have much time or space around. All you need is a mat and some comfy clothes.

    Working out is such a great habit and activity to get into, especially now during quarantine! It’s good not only for your physical body and the muscles that you work, but it’s also good for your brain! Many researchers believe it can improve memory and sharpen thinking, by stimulating brain cells! So get sweating and begin your path to feeling and looking amazing!

    Ava Rosen is a creative writer, athlete, and recent high school graduate from New Paltz, NY. She’s currently studying with Aardvark Israel in Jerusalem, and has already loved finding the very best foods, views, and rich history that this city has to offer. Travel is very important to Ava, and she hopes to continue to find new and exciting places to visit in the coming years. She has hopes to study somewhere in Boston next year and aspires to become an author or business owner.