Put the phone away: Fostering a healthy mindset


    It all begins with the touch of a button. One click, one scroll, one like — and suddenly you’re sucked into a wireless black hole that is extremely hard to escape from. In what seems like mere seconds, endless scrolling can result in hours of wasted time. Slowly but surely, your eyes start to burn and it is obvious that it’s time to put the screen down. Whether it is a phone or computer, we live in a generation where screen time is a consistent part of our daily routine.

    Social media: a beast in and of itself

    While phones are distracting in it of themselves, social media is a whole other animal that comes along with it. Social media can be a place for positivity, keeping up with old friends and even staying in touch with family members. However, most of the time, this is not the case. Social media, especially in the summertime, is inundated with content that is easy to become jealous of. Every picture on Instagram perfectly captures everyone and their mother’s vacations, and each post on Facebook sufficiently highlights the best summer brunch spots. While all of this content has the ability to clog the mind and let negative or envious thoughts intrude, limiting our screen time can help combat this problem.

    Setting a healthy routine

    In order to maintain a healthy mind and mentality, it is crucial to have a set routine. Being in a certain rhythm allows for a more meaningful and fulfilling day to day life. As modern people in the digital age, the morning and the evening are prime times to get sucked into your phone, computer or whatever your device of choice is. If looking at your phone is the first thing you do in the morning, aim to be conscious of this and try to avoid it. The same goes for right before bedtime — the endless scrolling can often contribute to lack of sleep due to the brightness of the device.

    Committing to a phone “detox”

    Summertime is a season filled with beautiful sunsets, fun activities to do outdoors and can be a time to spend quality time with loved ones. It is crucial to recognize this and embrace it. It can be liberating to leave your phone behind and enjoy life in real-time. Rather than looking at life through a filtered lens, allowing yourself time away from your phone and social media, a social media “detox” if you will, can lead to a clearer mind.

    There will always be the temptation of endlessly scrolling when there seems like there is nothing else to do, but overcoming it will be a feeling far greater than any amount of screen time ever will.

    Lexi Sugar is an undergraduate student studying journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park. She is a big fan of the beach and loves spending time with friends and family.