Online fitness platforms to try out

    The past few weeks have had apple pie and challah on heavy rotation. While it’s great to indulge and treat ourselves every once in a while, we can’t forget to take care of our bodies in the form of movement. No gym membership? No problem! There are a plethora of subscription-based online workouts, offering different ways to move your body.   

    Online fitness platforms get it, people don’t have an hour a day to commute to and from the studio for a workout class. That’s where online fitness programs come in; they bring the studio to your home! To help ensure that customers have time to get in a quick sweat, more and more online subscriptions services are offering short and effective workouts. Sometimes all you need is 15 minutes for a total body burn! 

    All of these subscription options are affordable. The cost of just one studio class is roughly equal to an entire month of unlimited classes on all of these online platforms — saving you time and money! The platform recommendations below offer a brief overview of each online workout platform, how it works, and the cost.

    Obé fitness

    Obé fitness is a fitness platform offering daily live and on-demand classes and is well known for its variety. With 15 different class types and 20+ active instructors, you’re sure to find your groove. The live class option is perfect for when you want that in-studio feel and the on-demand option is great for when you can’t make it to class. Obé fitness makes working out fun with motivating and relatable instructors. 

    How it works: Obé has a filter option that makes choosing your classes easy. You can filter your favorite class type, class length, equipment, and more to find the best class for you!

    Cost: Obé fitness costs $27 per month, $65 quarterly, or  $199 annually. Obé also offers a free one-week trial. 

    The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup

    Megan Roup, a celebrity trainer, knows how to bring the heat and energy to her online fitness program, The Sculpt Society (TSS)! TSS has Megan’s signature dance cardio class that elevates the heart rate. Her sculpt class uses unique movements for a full-body toning series. And each time you take a class, you’ll feel like you’re signing on with your own personal trainer! 

    How it works: The Sculpt Society has options for wherever you are on your fitness program. In addition to the regular classes, there is a pre and postnatal program, as well as a beginners program. There is also a short on time option, called quickie workouts, that gives you classes ranging from five minutes to a half-hour. Every week, there are a few live classes and even more classes added to the on-demand library! 

    Cost: The Sculpt Society costs $19.99 per month or $119 annually. The Sculpt Society also offers a free two-week trial. 

    Alo Moves

    Alo Moves is an at-home studio that reaches far beyond yoga. They offer intense classes in a variety of different class types, including HIIT, yoga, barre, and more. Alo Moves offers many different fitness programs with renowned instructors and each program focuses on a different form of exercise, always keeping you on your toes. Alo Moves also has a mindfulness hub, allowing you to dive a little deeper into your self-care. 

    How it works: Alo allows you to choose your class type and class difficulty. After choosing a class or a series, you can add it to ‘my practice’, Alo’s form of your personal workout library. The class duration ranges from five minutes to an hour. There are also a few live class options every week. 

    Cost: Alo Moves costs $20 per month and $199 annually. They also offer a free two-week trial. 


    While barre3 is a, you guessed it, barre class, it has many different class options as well. Choose from barre3 cardio, barre3 strength training, and so much more! These classes focus on strength, sculpting, and cardio. You’ll finish class feeling challenged, strengthened, and ready for another Barre class!

    How it works: A Barre3 on-demand membership gives you access to an extensive library of on-demand classes as well as live class options. Each week they add two new on-demand classes as well as two new live classes.

    Cost: Barre3 costs $29 per month or $200 per year. They offer a 15-day free trial. Plus if you’re a student you get a 20% discount!

    Beachbody on Demand

    Beachbody on Demand (BOD) is a leader in at-home fitness and nutrition. They offer intense programs brought to you by top trainers. Beachbody is all about the long term. Their programs include a calendar of daily workouts and meal plans. 

    How it works: A Beachbody on Demand subscription gives you access to on-demand classes and programs. BOD also offers nutrition programs for members. So if you’re looking for a more multifaceted approach, Beachbody may be right for you!

    Cost: BOD costs $19.95 per month or $99 annually. Beachbody on Demand also offers a two-week free trial. 

    Jenny Lieberman is a recipe developer, certified group fitness instructor, and recent high school graduate from Boca Raton, FL. She loves all things health and wellness, so you will probably find her looking up the newest food and fitness trends. She is currently on a gap year program at Midreshet Torah v’Avodah (MTVA) in Jerusalem, Israel. Jenny will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park, starting Fall 2021. You can follow Jenny on her Instagram healthy food account (@toomuchonmyplate_) to see more of her recipes!