Dating while social distancing

    Finger of woman pushing heart icon on screen in mobile smartphone application. Online dating app, valentine's day concept.

    Social distancing has us quarantined in our homes for nearly a month at this point.

    It’s really put a haul on our normal lives. So many things that should be carrying on as usual are pushed off or canceled completely. People are canceling vacations, working from home, and even losing their jobs.

    However, there has been one saving grace through all of this: the internet. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok, social media allows us to stay just as close to other people no matter how far away we really are. It may not be an actual face-to-face interaction, but it’s as close as we can get for now.

    As if dating isn’t already hard enough, the rapid spread of COVID-19 sure isn’t making it any easier. No one could have predicted this; we’re truly living in crazy times.

    Because I don’t recommend texting an ex “just because you’re bored,” here are a few suggestions to help you keep your dating life active while social distancing and self-quarantining:

    Dating Apps

    The founder of JSwipe came out with a statement giving pointers on how to “date responsibly” during the pandemic which included staying present, being respectful, practicing empathy, embracing video chats, and more. With so many relying on technology — especially their phones — to stay somewhat sane during quarantine, the likelihood of a match or of someone reaching out has never been higher!

    Zoom Dates

    Once you’ve ‘met’ someone suitable, the question is, how do you take it to the next level? The answer is zoom! In the past few weeks, you’ve used it for your work meeting, family reunions, and now you’ll use it for dating! It may be awkward at first glance, but aren’t all first dates?

    Facebook Pages

    People are really getting creative when it comes to finding new ways to date at this time. Try joining a Facebook group with people who are just like you. There are plenty of groups out there with people who are bored and looking to find someone new to talk to, so why not be that person. Who knows what it can lead to!

    Old Fashion Texting

    I’m not saying to text every old crush on your contact list, but desperate times call for desperate measures. There’s no harm in texting an old flame to see if anything’s still there. For all you know, they could be thinking of you too!

    Just remember, guys, we’re all in this together and we will get through this! Stay positive.

    Rina Jacobs is a recent graduate of Yeshiva University with a degree in Media Studies. She is currently working as a fashion closet freelancer for the Hearst Women’s Fashion Group. During her free time, Rina enjoys exploring the city and spending time with friends.