Eat, drink and be merry: Fun stuff for Jews to do at Christmastime

    Jewish Christmas. Yes, it’s a thing. Traditions aren’t only for Christians; were off work and hanging out with our families too. We just do different stuff. Looking for ideas for this Christmas? Here you go.


    Chinese restaurant notice
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    “Did you eat?” Jewish family traditions start with food, and Christmas is no different. The most famous food for Jews to eat this holiday is Chinese. Which makes sense when you consider that for many years the ONLY restaurants open on Christmas were Chinese, where the owners were also not Christian. Now, it’s a tradition of its own.

    Check out some of the best Chinese restaurants in major cities:

    Need a break from Chinese? Try making some of our authentic Israeli recipes.


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    Look around a movie theater on Christmas Eve and you might think it’s the High Holidays. But if the weather outside is frightful, stay in and watch from your couch. We’ve compiled a list of our top 13 Jewish films. Or if you’re looking for a specific Christmas vibe, here are my three favorite movies for Christmas:

    Elf – one of the funniest movies to watch with your family

    Clueless – Ok, it’s not a “Christmas Movie,” but I watch it every year. A classic teen film to watch again.

    The Night Before – taking Christmas Eve to a whole new level of partying. Absolutely hysterical.


    • Cultural:
      • Museums – most Jewish museums are open on Christmas. Check if you have one close to you.
      • Theaters – there are Broadway shows on Christmas Day if you happen to be in NYC. And there may be a live show near you.
    • Competitive:
      • Bowling is always a fun game to play with family and friends. Try playing in teams: losers have to pay for the winner’s meals (trust me, it gets pretty competitive when it comes to a prize).
    • Athletic:
      • Ice skating – if you want to lose some of the Hanukkah latkes you had, this is your chance. It’s a great way to hang out with the family and do something active.
      • Walk in the park – everyone has a park nearby. A perfect opportunity to get some cold fresh air and catch up with loved ones. 
    • Giving:
      • If you have a cause you believe in, go and support it. There are many shelters where you can volunteer for the day. This will make your holiday meaningful and definitely unforgettable.

    Whatever you do, enjoy your friends and family and have a Merry Christmas everyone!

    Shir Schneier
    American-Israeli in her 20’s • Lover of fashion, food and art • Honorably discharged from the IDF and currently in the Reserves.