At-home workout equipment that won’t break the bank

    So you’ve started working out at home and you’re in the market for some budget-friendly workout equipment. Lucky for you there are a plethora of affordable equipment options out there! Bonus, they all take us very little space, making them the perfect option for your small space. This list of equipment is purely a menu from which you can choose the equipment that will best serve you in your next workout. What’s great about these items is that many of them can work different parts of your body, giving you more bang for your buck. 


    Yoga Mat

    Contrary to what the name may imply, yoga mats are used for a lot more than just yoga. So if Shavassanah or Vinyasa isn’t for you, there are still plenty of ways to use this mat. It is perfect for anytime you want a little more cushion and comfort on your joints or any part of your body; think planks, ab exercises on your back, and kneeling leg exercises. 


    Sliders, or core sliders, have been all the rage in the fitness world, and for good reason. They are primarily used in ab workouts, specifically plank variations. While they won’t provide any extra weight to your workout, they will make your abdominal muscles tremble, making your core work even harder. Much like resistance loops, sliders are also multipurpose and can be used for Pilates abs, standing leg, and upper back exercises. 


    Resistance Loops

    Used for more than just side leg lifts and clamshells, resistance loops can also be used to work your biceps, triceps, and upper back muscles. This multipurpose loop is, in my opinion, one of the most useful pieces of equipment to invest in. Resistance loops are sometimes sold individually and sometimes sold in a pack with different levels of resistance, allowing you to switch things up and add a challenge to your workout.

    7Ankle Weights

    Ankle weights are one of the easiest ways to increase the intensity of your glute exercises. Simply place the weight around your ankle and continue on with any mat-based or standing glute and leg exercise. Another great idea for using ankle weights, which has become extremely popular lately, is to simply wear them while taking a walk outside.



    While it might not be light in weight it’s small in size. Kettlebells are a great option for anyone who already lifts and is comfortable with heavier weights and is perfect for both lower body and upper body exercises. Make sure you have some experience with heavier weights or with kettlebells before using them at home. 

    5Jump Rope

    Looking to switch up your cardio routine? Jump ropes are the perfect option. They are a fun way to elevate your heart rate without even realizing it. As you start to get the hang of it and experiment more, you’ll see just how many different tricks and moves you can do with a jump rope!


    Light hand weights

    Never underestimate the power of a pair of 2-3 pound hand weights. After working your arms for just a few minutes, you’ll begin to understand just how challenging light hand weights can be; 3 pounds will start to feel like 30 pounds! Hand weights can be used for all sorts of arm and back exercises, as well as glute and leg exercises. Make your mat-based glute exercises more challenging by bending your knee to ninety degrees and placing a light hand weight behind it. 

    3Foam Roller

    Foam rollers are a great way to soothe out those sore muscles post-workout. They can help to release tension in your lower body. After doing an intense leg day, your leg muscles will definitely be thanking you and your foam roller. 

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