Holy Shvitz: 10 tricks to beat the summer heat

    As record summer heat rolls across America, air conditioners and fans are working double time. But if you’re still sweating the heat, here are some simple tips to help you cool down.

    1Stick with 100% cotton

    Although there are all sorts of new-fangled moisture wicking materials, nothing breathes and keeps you cool quite like cotton.

    2Go tropical

    Fresh young coconut water, in its natural form or from the grocery store, is great for hydration and keeping cool. It contains less sugar than fruit juice and is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Nature’s Gatorade, it helps with digestion, hangovers, and post-workout recovery.

    3Give your face a spritz

    A gentle blast of the right face mister can be the perfect antidote to balmy weather. From mineral water, to cucumber and mint concoctions and more, there are lots of cool spritzers out there to help you chill out and love your skin at the same time.

    4Eat out

    The trick here is to avoid your oven or stove. The last thing you need is to add more heat into the mix. So order in, dine alfresco, or trot off to a nice air conditioned restaurant. The kitchen is closed!

    5Fill up your tank before bed

    Shvitzing in the heat can take a lot out of you. Get ahead of dehydration by drinking a glass of water before bed. Okay, maybe you’ll have to get up and pee during the night, but it will definitely help keep you cool.

    6Take a cold shower

    Cold shower’s aren’t just for quenching burning desire. Give yourself a few spins under the shower head, and barely towel dry. That cool, damp combination will keep sweat at bay.

    7Turn out the lights — ALL of them

    So Tov, The Jewish Agency for Israel, Alexander possingham, unsplash, empty bedroom with desk light

    Every light source is also a potential heat source. Turn everything off, and even consider unplugging any unnecessary appliances that may also be giving off heat.

    8Freeze your sheets

    The Jewish Agency for Israel, So Tov: Celebrating the GOOD in Jewish Life, Frozen berries and vegetables in bags in freezer close up

    9Get cold feet

    Vintage metal tub shaped bucket filled with crushed ice on rustic wooden boards.

    10Spread out

    The Jewish Agency for Israel, So Tov: Celebrating the Good in Jewish Life, marina laduda unsplash, dog on bed

    This is your chance to be a bed hog. Your body temperature rises when you sleep in a compact position, and drops when you spread out. So reach for the corners of your bed, and if need be, kick out anyone who’s infringing on your space. (Alas, sleeping alone also keeps you cooler.)

    Amy Katzenberg is a nice Jewish girl from New York City. She was a founding editor of About.com, and has worked for an array of digital publications. A lifelong member of the Clean Plate Club, Amy loves to eat good food all over the world.