Top 10 Tel Aviv brunch spots


    Brunch in Tel Aviv is a whole experience of its own and my list keeps on growing of the best brunch spots to visit in Tel Aviv. When someone asks me where to go on their short four or five-day trip to the city, I actually have a hard time narrowing it down to that few places. These would be my top ten Tel Aviv brunch recommendations as of right now – but it’s always changing!

    Photo by Rachel Shulman

    1Café Xoho

    Café Xoho will never not be top on my list. Ever. I dream about the food here and always go more than once, even on short visits. It is that good. Get the egg and cheese bagel (don’t question it) as well as a beer bread special. Also, the homemade ice cream and baked goods are insane.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman

    2L’chem V’Shut (Bread & Co.)

    L’chem V’shut is newer to the Tel Aviv brunch scene and quickly shot up to the top of the list. They are known for their bread (hence the name) and the second you walk into the restaurant you can smell why.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman

    3Bucke Café

    You have most likely seen pictures of Bucke trays on Instagram if you are trying to figure out where to eat in Tel Aviv. Bucke Café is known for their trays (though they do have every other brunch food imaginable) and I highly recommend them. They are so filling and tasty and give you so much (healthy) food.

    4Landwer Café

    There are multiple Landwer Café’s around Israel and it’s a brunch staple. Their breakfast platter for two is the way to go so you can have a true Israeli breakfast (lots of dips, veggies, bread and eggs). Also, you must get their rugelach for dessert.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman


    NOLA already has a special place in my heart since I have also lived in New Orleans, but NOLA restaurant in Tel Aviv is one of the top brunch spots located on trendy Dizengoff. Come here for all of the American brunch foods you can think of.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman


    Dallal is probably the fanciest place on this list and in the chic neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Don’t expect to get in without a reservation on a weekend. Their brunch is high-quality and absolutely stellar. I would come here for the experience alone.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman

    7Yom Tov Café

    Yom Tov Café (which literally translates to “good day”) is situated right off the Carmel Market and is one of the most well-known brunch places and local spots in Tel Aviv. They have a ton of outdoor seats on the street for people-watching and a massive indoors. The food is fresh and amazing.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman


    Java is in the Old North of Tel Aviv and has my favorite Shakshuka in Tel Aviv. They also have my favorite Challah. Not sure what they do differently but it’s always so fresh and sweet. I get the shakshuka with cheese inside of it and it’s amazing. Java is a great people-watching spot as well as a place to do work.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman


    This one’s for the vegans. Anastasia is probably the most famous vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv. Even as a non-vegan, I frequent Anastasia for their smoothie bowls and healthy breakfasts.

    Photo by Rachel Shulman


    Probably the most famous brunch spot among tourists, you won’t see many locals here. Still, their brunch disappoints. They are known for their eggs benedict (duh) as well as their insane creation of pancakes. They are also open 24 hours and hit the spot at 2 a.m.

    Whatever the type of brunch food you are looking for, Tel Aviv has it. For more recommendations, check out this longer list of restaurants and everything you need to do when visiting Tel Aviv.

    Rachel Shulman is a seasoned travel blogger specializing in planning in-depth guides for destinations around the world. She has lived in 4 major cities in her 27 years of life (New York, New Orleans, Prague and Tel Aviv) and has traveled to 30+ countries with no intention of stopping soon. She owns From East To West, a travel blog outlining her travels and writing detailed, efficient guides and itineraries for cities and countries as well as reviewing locations, accommodations, restaurants and tips and tricks for traveling.