Not just an excuse to day drink: 10 of the best NYC brunch spots

Avocado toast

Brunching in NYC is my favorite weekend activity no matter what. I love brunch food and am always looking for the next “best” brunch restaurant to call my new favorite. You can check out some of my favorite boozy brunch places near the Flatiron districtKeep reading below to find out my favorite all-time brunch restaurants in NYC. (I’m getting hungry just writing this!)

Sadelle’s is your all-time Jewish brunch spot and is just as good as it was since it opened two years ago. This is the best lox ever and I honestly dream about it. It’s hard to get normal brunch time reservations so sometimes I even go here at 3 p.m. on a weekend. They make their own bagels and I highly recommend getting the unlimited bagels and spreads. Also, the babka.

Nur is the newest Israeli hot spot making its way into NYC. They just introduced their $40 prix fixe brunch menu and it’s everything and more. Go here if you can get a reservation.

The Smith is your standard NYC brunch spot and you can’t go wrong. There are 4 locations around the city and each one is as good as the next. They have everything you could need for brunch and I always recommend it to tourists.

Union Fare is a massive semi-new spot that spans an entire block. Their brunch food is so good and it is a great spot for groups. Their toast spreads are an absolute must.

Upland is one of the most well-known newer restaurants in the city. I mean, Obama went here. Their brunch is just as good as their dinner. Make sure to get their burger and the mushroom dish. 

Macondo West has one of my favorite boozy brunch offerings and, more importantly, my favorite Eggs Benedict in the city. The Eggs Benedict comes with lox and is served on a corn arepa.

Jack’s Wife Freda has two locations and is Israeli cuisine with a twist. It has been one of my favorite places to indulge in for the past 5 years and I love going here. Their green shakshuka is incredible —but be warned — it is nothing like Israeli shakshuka.

Clinton Street Baking Company is solely known for their pancakes. I am not even a big pancake lover and these are good. Pro tip: Add yourself to the waitlist on the app NoWait, since they don’t take reservations and it is always packed.

Citizens of Chelsea is an Australian cafe that I stumbled upon a year ago and am happy I did. With a location deep into the west of Chelsea, this cafe doesn’t take reservations, but we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes. This is one of the best under-the-radar brunch spots in NYC. Their food is heaven. And who doesn’t like talking to owners with an Australian accent?

Avocado Toast

Lexington Brass is a more mature spot in bustling Midtown East, but I added it to this list because I love their avocado toast. It comes with pomegranate seeds and it makes it too good to not talk about.

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