More deli for your belly: 5 fab delicatessens to add to your list

    Jewish deli food is apparently always in demand. In fact, our last “Best Delis” article is the single most popular feature we’ve ever published. Since you can’t get enough of a good thing, we’re updating our list of the best Jewish delis in the U.S. just for you. Because everyone knows there can never be too many great places to grab a pastrami on rye.

    2The Rooster (Philadelphia, PA)

    This delicatessen is proof that size doesn’t matter. The Rooster has so much greatness coming out of its tiny space. Other than the amazing food, they have made it their mission to support the less fortunate in the community. They donate 100% of their profits to charities, and if you’re around you can help and volunteer!

    Shir Schneier
    American-Israeli in her 20’s • Lover of fashion, food and art • Honorably discharged from the IDF and currently in the Reserves.