Food for life: 5 health trends you should be eating up in 2019

    Is your New Year off to a healthy start? Eating well has never been easier, with new and old food trends popping up on lists and recipes everywhere. I’ve rounded up my favorite food trends for 2019 — I’ll be exploring each of these in more detail in the weeks and months ahead.

    1Gut health

    This one is big, prepare to see it marketed everywhere, and for good reason. Probiotics, collagen-packed foods and supplements, and fermented foods will be all over the place in 2019. There is a lot of research supporting the claim that that overall health starts in the gut, so go grab yourself some kombucha and kimchi.

    2Plant-Based Protein

    There has been a shift in the health and wellness space toward more plant-based diets, and along with that, plant-based protein sources. In 2019, you’ll see even more of this –protein from beans, rice, peas, and everything else in between. Chickpea pasta is one of my favorites, which makes which makes pasta more nutrient-dense than ever!

    3Hemp Seeds

    Hemp seeds are the powerhouse superfood. Nutrient dense, they pack in a high amount of protein and essential fatty acids. They are one of a few complete proteins, which means that they provide all the essential amino acids (which your body can’t produce and needs to get from your diet!) I love putting shelled hemp seeds, or “hemp hearts” on salads for a nutritional boost!

    4Fat is GOOD

    Keep adding on that avocado, because the healthy fats are here to stay in 2019. Not only do they have great health benefits (can improve blood cholesterol levels; shown to have anti-inflammatory properties) but they also help keep you full (along with a balanced meal), so you’ll have long-lasting energy and won’t be hungry a few minutes after you eat.

    5Quality Over Quantity

    This one is my favorite one by far, and I’m so happy that we have been seeing this trend becoming more and more prominent in the wellness space. Instead of focusing on “how many calories” or “how many carbs” are in food, the focus becomes “what ingredients are in this and how does that fuel my body.” It’s all about eating REAL FOOD made with real ingredients. Fad diets will never disappear, but they will continue to fade as people focus on the quality of food and what makes them feel good. This is my philosophy and what drives all of my recipes, as I try my best to focus on the quality of the food I consume instead of the metrics assigned to them.

    I always do my own research on health and wellness and find what works for ME, but you should always contact your doctor before taking any medical advice or making any significant changes to your diet.

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