Adventures in food: A guide to the 10 best Tel Aviv restaurants

The bar at Messa restaurant

I am pretty sure I was born to live in Israel, since I am obsessed with every type of food that comes out of that country. I hate eggplant in the US, but in Israel, it is one of my favorite foods. The way the food is seasoned and the different concoctions always blow my mind. There are new Tel Aviv restaurants popping up in the bustling city each time I visit. Next time you’re lucky enough to find yourself there, here is a list of my top 10 all-time must-visit stops, in order from casual to fancy.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

While I lived on King George, which is right across the street from Miznon, I visited often. I’m obsessed with cauliflower and this really is the best. I always ordered the cauliflower pita, the side dish of grilled cauliflower, and the amazing veggies and tahini that’s included. My top tip, though, is to get the egg pita, which is not on the menu. Just do it — it’s unreal.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

The best falafel in Tel Aviv and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. They even give you some free falafel balls while you’re waiting in line. I always get the falafel pita.

Photo by anpanmars/ via Instagram

If you don’t know what Sabich is, get familiar. This eggplant pita has so many goodies in it. I can’t believe how much I was missing out before moving to Tel Aviv.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

Anita’s Gelato has a few spots all on the same Shabazi Street and the super chic Neve Tzedek neighborhood. The gelato is amazing, especially the Cookieman.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

Tamara is a staple for anyone visiting Tel Aviv in the summer months. Their frozen yogurt is beyond refreshing and significantly better than North America’s frozen yogurt game.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

Duh! The Carmel Market (aka the Shuk) has everything you could ever want food-wise and more. Whether it is the Halva, fresh produce, or sweet candy, you can’t go wrong tasting and eating at the market.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

A favorite spot with expats but it’s for a good reason. My recommendation is the egg sandwich. The egg sandwich might sound boring and plain, but it is anything but. Also, they make their ice cream and cookies from scratch.

Photo by Rachel Shulman

One of my favorite spots in Yafo to get that quintessential “small dish” experience you know you want when in Israel. They don’t stop bringing out the plates.

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One of the best dinners I ever tasted. The food is so fresh, the menu changes daily, and the atmosphere is amazing. The fish is my recommendation.

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Actually THE best meal I have ever had in my life. I still dream about it. This is a fancy dinner spot in Tel Aviv with an all-white room and a bouncer outside. It is super trendy and the food exemplifies it. Please get the Snickers dessert.

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