Rina Jacobs

Rina Jacobs is a recent graduate of Yeshiva University with a degree in Media Studies. She is currently working as a fashion closet freelancer for the Hearst Women’s Fashion Group. During her free time, Rina enjoys exploring the city and spending time with friends.
Fashion trends can be really unpredictable. For example, who would have ever seen tie-dye making a comeback this summer? Knowing what’s in and what’s out is the key to being fashion-forward. Everything influences the way we dress, and the past decades play a big role in today’s fashion choices. Lucky...
Summer is here and that means wedding season is in full swing! For anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid, you know there’s a lot that goes into looking absolutely picture-perfect.  Being a bridesmaid can be so fun and rewarding, but it’s not always easy.  Whether it’s your sibling, roommate,...