Funny business: The best female Jewish comedians to check out now

    Rachel Bloom from My Crazy Ex Girlfriend, courtesy of The Washington Times.

    Jewish women have always dominated the comedy scene, from stand-up legend Joan Rivers to the dark and hilarious Sarah Silverman. Funny femmes like Gilda Radner, Lisa Kudrow, and Bette Midler have paved the way for the Jewish female comedians of today, and they’re taking over the road.

    This next generation of comedians dominating the stage, screen and social media are full blown hilarious — they’re sure to make you bust out laughing.

    Here are the top six Jewish comediennes you need to know:

    1Jenny Zigrino

    Up-and-comer Jenny Zigrino recently had a half-hour Comedy Central special, a “Conan” appearance and a Comedy Central web series called “Badass Bitches of History.” This plus-size comedian flaunts her stuff on Instagram, is proudly feminist, and isn’t afraid to joke about her butt setting off a TSA body scanner. What’s not to love?

    2Ester Steinberg

    Los Angeles-based Ester Steinberg is the host of the long-running Kibbitz Room Comedy Show at Canter’s Deli. She was on Oxygen’s “Funny Girls” and, randomly, an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Steinberg makes super funny videos about Jewish dating, where she shows off her serious character acting skills.

    3Rachel Feinstein

    Rachel Feinstein is a staple of the New York City comedian scene. You may have spotted her on HBO’s “Crashing” or on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” She does awesome impressions, especially of her mom, Karen, who is a little bit too aggressive with her liberalism.

    4Jackie Gold

    Jackie Gold’s name might make you think she’s actually a 90-year-old bubbe living in Florida, but don’t be fooled. This millennial with an old-timey name tells very relatable jokes about dating and modern life. Check out the Brooklyn-to-LA transplant’s special blend of comedy for some guaranteed giggles.

    5Rachel Bloom

    If you haven’t watched “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” stop what you’re doing now and start with season one. Comedienne Rachel Bloom, who wrote a naughty Chanukah parody called “Chanukah Honey,” isn’t afraid to cram Jewish references into episodes of her show. Check out the classic “Remember That We Suffered” for a good dose of Jewish guilt, or the incredible “JAP Battle.”

    6Ilana Glazer

    Rachel Bloom’s former roommate and comedic actress extraordinaire, Ilana Glazer is the star and co-creator of “Broad City” on Comedy Central. Ilana is extremely likable on screen, and will crack you up with her whole body movements, not just her witty writing. She is the perfect comedic companion for the more monotone Abbi Jacobson, another talented and hilarious Jewess who plays Ilana’s best friend on the show.

    Kylie Ora Lobell is Jewess in Chief at Jewess, a Jewish women’s website, as well as a freelance writer for Aish, Chabad, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and The Forward.