The new classics: 5 Jewish pop stars who are making their mark

    We all know and love the many classic Jewish musicians who have dominated the scene over the years. From Bob Dylan and Barbra Streisand to Leonard Cohen, Billy Joel, Lou Reed, Simon & Garfunkel and Bette Midler, we’ve heard some incredible music from members of the Tribe. And the beat goes on…

    These Jewish artists are dominating today’s airwaves (and Spotify of course).


    Alecia Beth Moore, also known as Pink, has a Jewish mother and Catholic father. This proud Jewess is famous for songs like “What About Us” and “Just Like a Pill.” In the summer of 2017, she talked about taking her daughter to Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial in an Instagram post. Pink put up a picture of the Berlin tunnels and wrote, “It’s incredible to watch neo-Nazis march in 2017, while I, a Jewish woman, headline a show in Berlin where these tunnels were built by him, built curvy so he couldn’t be shot in the back.”

    Kylie Ora Lobell is Jewess in Chief at Jewess, a Jewish women’s website, as well as a freelance writer for Aish, Chabad, The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, and The Forward.