5 times Troye Sivan has been vocal about his Judaism

    troye sivan
    Photo by Ted Eytan, https://www.flickr.com/photos/taedc/42022800324

    Troye Sivan entered the cultural zeitgeist in 2007, when he began making singing YouTube videos performing covers such as “I’m Yours” and “Crazy Love.” The young star, though, was propelled into the spotlight when his 2015 album, “Blue Neighbourhood,” came out – and as did he, just two years prior, as gay. Since his debut, he released his sophomore album, “Bloom,” in August 2018.

    Sivan’s dreamy voice and his vulnerability with his audience has made him a pop star beloved on a global scale. But something that makes the young singer resonate with another audience? His identity as a Jewish person. Troye grew up in an Orthodox Jewish community in Perth, Australia, and has had no problem talking about his faith on social media, on radio shows, and in television interviews. We rounded up his best moments talking about being a proud Jewish person, below.

    He shared on Twitter in mid-July that he “loves” being Jewish

    The message was seemingly random and unprompted, so a fan replied to Troye, wondering if anything specifically happened to bring about his sentiment. “Just watched a movie called Denial about a Holocaust denier [and] felt rage [and] then gratitude for the resilience of my ancestors, family, friends, and community,” Troye said in response. “Give it a watch.”

    Troye spoke about hosting his first Passover Seder on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”

    Troye hit up Andy Cohen’s Bravo late-night talk show in September 2018 and talked about hosting his first-ever Passover Seder with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, since his parents live all the way in Australia. Troye discussed the “star-studded” event, which included Ariana Grande, Lucas Hedges, and Hari Nef. 

    “We had my friend Hari tell the Passover story,” Troye revealed on the show. “We did not do it by the book at all. It was really, really sweet and really, really fun. That was it. We ate some matzoh, and it was the end of that. So, do it! Do it at home.”

    His coming out story with his dad had to do with Judaism

    While on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” in March 2016, Troye discussed his coming out story, which originated with a conversation with his father about Judaism. 

    His dad said he didn’t love how traditional Judaism sometimes excluded LGBTQ+ people of faith. It was then that Troye shared his sexuality with his dad – and his parents were 100 percent accepting of their son.

    Troye facilitated the proposal for two Jewish gay fans of his at one of his concerts.

    Often, celebrity performers bring up fans on stage who are in a relationship, and one fan proposes to the other amidst the show. In Troye’s case, at his Oct. 2018 show in New York City, one Jewish man wearing a kippah proposed to his boyfriend, donning a kippah, as well, on stage at the famous Radio City Music Hall venue.

    “Oh my god, he’s also wearing a little kippah,” Troye said while one man walked up to the stage to meet up with his boyfriend for the life-changing moment. “A nice Jewish boy.” Troye, of course, wished the couple a mazel tov after they got engaged.

    He was observant as a child

    troye sivan

    Troye divulged in a profile with the New Yorker last month that he and his family went to Shabbat every week and he went to Perth, Australia’s Jewish Day School.

    “I met my first non-Jewish friend when I was probably seventeen,” Troye told the magazine.

    We have loved seeing Troye be vocal about Judaism throughout the years, and we can’t wait to see how else he’ll show love for his religion moving forward.

    Elana Rubin is an entertainment and lifestyle writer, originally from South Florida, and currently in Los Angeles. She studied journalism and art history at New York University and has bylines in Teen Vogue, Elite Daily, Out.com, Hearst, and more.