So Tov: Finding your best Jewish life

Welcome to So Tov, a new lifestyle blog that aims to connect Jews everywhere to one another and to Israel, through a shared zest for life and an appreciation of the “good” or “tov” things, like great food, inspiring travel, the latest in the arts, innovation and fashion, and the mind, body, spirit connection.

This new content initiative from The Jewish Agency for Israel features Jewish influencers from across the Web as they explore an array of timely topics that connect us all, while fostering sharing, authenticity and compassion.

We invite you to join us each week as we celebrate the best of Jewish life, and the GOOD things in the world that connect us all.

Every one of us, together.

Amy Katzenberg is a nice Jewish girl from New York City. She was a founding editor of, and has worked for an array of digital publications. A lifelong member of the Clean Plate Club, Amy loves to eat good food all over the world.